Batting Average for Apple Watch & iPhone


Your Personal Batting Manager
for iPhone & Apple Watch!


Batting Average is the only app that automatically calculates your Batting Average for you by recording each hit at-bat and on-base. No need to know the complex ways of calculating baseball statistics like official atbats, how many foul balls count as strike, and so on.

Batting Average for Apple Watch

Batting Average for iPhone

What is Batting Average? 

Batting Average is a personal batting manager to track and help improve your batting average. Our unique, In-Game approach let’s you focus on the game while we automatically calculate complex equations for you. Never worry about figuring out official at-bats, foul balls, strikes, and other complex calculations, again. Track every play at bat and on base using your Apple Watch or iPhone. Batting Average has two modes, In-Game mode and Practice mode. Track your batting average over time and improve your performance by comparing batting averages from every time you step up to the plate: every game and every practice.

Why Batting Average?  

Batting Average is the superior personal baseball statistics tracker and the only baseball statistics tracker on the Apple Watch.